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What is chalk paint?

Chalk paint is made from marble and chalk with a pigment  in a mainly water solution. 

Why should I use chalk paint?

Chalk paint is easy to apply.  It requires minimal preperation of the surface. It dries quickly. It can be applied to most surfaces. It can be cleaned up with a wet cloth. It is odourless.

Can chalk paint be applied to brown varnished furniture?

Yes you can apply chalk paint to brown varnished wood furniture. Perpared the surface by wiping down the surface. Apply the first coat to the furniture. Leave to dry. Some older varnishes may cause a yellow stain, in this case cover the areas with stain blocker before applying the second coat.

Can Chalk Paint be applied to Old PIne

Chank Paint works very well on old pine. It can be applied directly onto the varnish without the need to sand or prepare the surface.

Do I need to sand the surface before applying chalk paint?

Chalk Paint can be applied to a surface without sanding. Make sure the surface is clean and dry.

Do I need to add a finish to chalk paint

Chalk paint requires either a wax or for a tougher environment a varnish finish.

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