Using Black Wax | Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

When completing a project using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, it is important to seal it with Chalk Paint clear wax. But, perhaps you want to use the wax for decorative purposes.

Annie Sloan’s Black Wax be really useful for bringing out the detail in a beautiful piece of furniture. It can also be very tricky to use.
The first thing to remember is to apply a coat of clear wax first. This gives you much more control over the black wax.

Once that is done, apply the black wax. Wipe off the excess. It may be a lot darker than you want. In this case, apply yet more clear wax. It will act as an eraser for the black wax and you can then rub off as much of the black wax as you like.

The final result is a pretty cool effect

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint black wax