Chicago Grey and Svenska Blue

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know that Annie Sloan released 2 new Chalk Paint® colours last month. Chicago Grey and Svenska Blue. Very similar to Paris Grey and Duck Egg Blue, they are both ever so slightly bluer (is that a word?) As soon as our order arrived, we just had to […]

Annie Sloan with Charleston – Christmas Gifts

If you haven’t heard about it yet, where have you been? Annie Sloan has teamed up with Charleston, an English farmhouse nestled deep in the Sussex countryside, to come up with a new range of Chalk Paint® colours. Annie’s collaboration with Charleston has seen her create three distinctive Chalk Paint® colours inspired by the incredible home […]

Mixmats! | Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

Ok, I love the Mixmats from Annie Sloan. Have you ever tried mixing colours? It can be a right pain finding the right surface to mix on. Annie Sloan’s Mixmat is made from silicone. One of very few surfaces which Chalk Paint by Annie Sloan doesn’t stick to. (Another big no-no is teak. We’ll cover […]

Using Black Wax | Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

When completing a project using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, it is important to seal it with Chalk Paint clear wax. But, perhaps you want to use the wax for decorative purposes. Annie Sloan’s Black Wax be really useful for bringing out the detail in a beautiful piece of furniture. It can also be very tricky […]

Recycling Pallets | Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

Deliveries always mean packaging, and if large enough pallets. Each time we order our new stock of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint it is accompanied by a rough wooden pallet.  The same goes for the material that we cut our custom stencils from. Eventually we find ourselves unable to move and have to decide what to […]